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Kamfanin Shanghai Hengcheng Beverage Equipments Company

update on April. 29th. 2023

After more than 10 years of processing and production experience, the founder Cao led like-minded partners to establish Shanghai Hengcheng Craft Brewing Co., LTD in 2015.

In order to better serve the market and provide the world's craft brewers with high quality and cost-effective price, the present Hengcheng craft Brewing equipment brand was established. At present, Shanghai Hengcheng Company has two workshops of R&D design, marketing operation and professional production, and a professional team of nearly 100 employees. The company in Shanghai, Anhui Suzhou have production sales service department. Products have received the European countries, America, many countries in Asia love. We believe that trust comes from cooperation, trust comes from quality, trust comes from service, trust comes from the power of brand. We will continue to stick to our original intention and keep in mind our mission to provide excellent products for lovers, producers and consumers of the craft brewing industry.

Photos of products attached below (without beauty filter)

Recently, a customer only plans to purchase one beer barrel cleaning machine, we are very active in accepting a production, a customized minimum order quantity, to give the customer the maximum support. Surprising thing, in the original trial order on the basis of the customer looked at the product, immediately ordered two. We thank our customers for their trust and trust. The product has been debugging, thanks to the trust of customers, team staff concerted efforts, will eventually live up to the mission, safe and loose platform.

Shanghai Hengcheng with sincerity hope your contact...